Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forbidden - Twisted Into Form

(Combat/Under One Flag, 1990, 9 tracks, 41 minutes, 9 seconds, by Adam McAuley)

After a calming acoustic intro, we are introduced to some of the finest thrash you’ll hear via acrobatic riffing that evokes the name of the album quite well. Forbidden shared a style similar to many of the 80s and early 90s thrash bands, but added a few complexities to their approach to give them their own sound. Twisted Into Form is one of the most interesting entries into the thrash genre.

It all starts with an appealing approach to riffs that makes them seem at different times distorted. The creativity present in their thrash style is evident throughout and they often use multiple layers of guitars to craft a presence all their own. We remain interested in the band because of the slightly different things they are able to bring to the thrash table.

The band usually use a rather technical approach which brings twisting riffing into their palette at all times and infrequently makes use of acoustic guitar, though they never go into ballad form frequently as earlier Metallica would, for example. Forbidden keep an edge of your seat pacing throughout most of Twisted Into Form.

Further comparing Forbidden to other bands within the genre such as early Metallica and Overkill, again, we can see that they take on their own style more and more gradually as you listen to them. The band are complex, for example, whereas Overkill can show a more aggressive side, so they’ll be suited towards certain thrash fans in particular.

Standout tracks on Twisted Into Form are difficult to come by, but we can sense the title track making a bit of a presence. It has a repeating vibe that is compelling and develops into some nice solo work which elevates it at points then finishes strongly with the occasional chant of the title making it more powerful.

The lyrics on the work display themes of perseverance towards a goal being a difficult matter, but worth pursuing. There is a conflict between things like evil making for a further need to make your persevering pay off. All of these make a splendid backdrop for the thrash attack that Forbidden push forward.

Altogether Twisted Into Form is a slight classic within the thrash genre showing enough nuances to make one fall back with splendour at the surrounding elements making such a presence towards you. It has enough chops as well to stand in the forefront of the genre as we wish there would be more thrash albums like this one these days. Overall, greatly worth picking up for metal fans.

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