Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Textures - Silouhettes

Textures – Silhouettes

(Listenable Records, 9 tracks, 47 minutes, 28 seconds, reviewed by Adam McAuley)

Another work from a promising band is on display here though it doesn’t quite measure up to the stylistic virtues implied by the title, which implies an artistic powerhouse. Instead we’re left with a progressively slanted metal album that heavily recalls the likes of Meshuggah at many times. However, they have their own views which makes one want to be interested in their sounds towards a different slant.

We can see a rhythmically dense structure attempting to be created by the band which makes them wanting to skewered their thoughts into similar realms as the aforementioned Meshuggah. Textures have a way of pounding out a dense sound that they want to ingrain with the listener steadily, though its positive effect is sometimes questionable.

The sort of punishing vibe they demonstrate is shown nicely in "Laments of an Icarus" which starts off pummelling the listener in fine fashion and shows one of the more standout parts of the album, though there are fewer of them throughout than I found upon their last album Drawing Circles.

The lyrics that Textures utilize outline someone always wanting to find more interesting pastures in life which can be paralleled with the idea of Textures wanting to find a more solid grounding within the metal genre. The album thus brings together an interesting way at looking towards future circumstances that is key to their forward thinking nature.

How is my personal relationship to Textures elevated by Silouhettes? We can see them trying to satisfy an interest queued by their release Drawing Circles and they fail in this to some degree because it doesn’t supply as ingenious of a listen as its predecessor. Thus Textures are lumped into a slightly less than stellar status here though they remain solid.

Altogether, we can see that Silouhettes provides an enjoyable progressive listening experience on the whole, but doesn’t quite have the splendorous approach that can be seen from Drawing Circles, for example, and should have a slightly lessened fanbase to react to their undaring nature on this work. It is still worthy of a good listen though as we can see Textures delving into a slightly more tangible mindset.

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Andreas said...

I found this band - like all the Meshuggahs and Gojiras out there - highly overrated. You have a point in this review, but what is supposed to be progressive with all these groups does not dawn upon me...