Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LotFP: Heavy Metal Blog

'allo all...

Just a welcome note concerning LotFP here. This is the 10th anniversary of LotFP (wow...), but LotFP has been dormant over the past two years. This is going to change.

There are a couple reasons why I'm starting this blog. The first is that with my current financial situation, keeping the web forums up right now isn't feasible. Second is that this format allows contributors to post their own content to the blog without waiting for me, and that's not something that's possible with the website. Third is that the blog format is rather informal, so if there is a not-so-developed thought, it can be expressed without so much worrying about how it will look on the blog. Fourth is that print publication announcements should filter out easier in this format.

The first thing on the agenda is get some new content up and running here on the blog. There is a backlog of stuff, going back a year, that was supposed to be in the next printed LotFP. That's way too long for material to sit, and it needs to be released. That will be done over the next month. When printing a physical zine happens again (And for all you long-waiting subscribers out there... printed editions will begin to be released again once the life situation stabilizes...), it wil start from scratch with new stuff.

And... more as I think of it.

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